Posted by: WOW | January 2, 2009

Senior Youth Retreat 08

To download: Right click on Topic and ‘Save Target as’

WOW Senior Youth Retreat – Dec08.  Sermon Download – Speaker:Jose Phillip
1 Matthew 10-12 – Resting in God and Taking up His Yoke
2 John 15 – The Believer’s relation to Jesus, Fellow Believers, the world, Holy Spirit
3 Colossians 2 & 3 – Living our lives as Living or Dead


  1. Hi Hi… Heard that the sermons are really great. i wanna d/l the mp3s, but website says

    ” This file/folder has been deleted from the Driveway account by the owner. This link is no longer valid. ”

    how can i d/l them?
    thanks thanks!

  2. hi mk, i think its a technical problem. all our sermons can’t be downloaded for the moment. i have already alerted Teck. will let you know once the problem is fixed.

  3. Hi Mei Khiun and everyone…the broken link is now restored. Download should be working now.

    May you be blessed by the sermon.

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