Posted by: WOW | October 2, 2008

Identity Beyond: Sermon series starting this week!

What is your identity?

This sermon series explores issues pertaining to our identity that youth today struggle with. Whether it is sexuality, sin, circumstances, career, relationships or even the Singapore Dream, these are very real issues that youths today place their identity on. Is the pursuit of the 5Cs (Cash, Condominium, Card, Car, Club) more important that what God wants for our lives? Do you place your faith in circumstances or in the hope that is found in God alone? Is hanging out with the cool crowd in church more important than having a relationship with God? As with the title, this sermon series aims to push youths beyond their comfort zone to question whether it is Christ in which they weigh their identity in or is it in the crowd, sin, sexuality, circumstances or even the Singapore Dream that determines who they are in Christ.

This week’s speaker: Mrs I’Ching Thomas (from Ravi Zacharias International Ministries)

Join us at 11 am, 2nd floor worship hall, John Wesley Centre, 496 Upper Bukit Timah Road

Poster Design: Andrew Wee


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