Posted by: WOW | August 9, 2008

June 2008 Mission Trip Reflection


Sharing By Nicholas Han, 16

I have to admit that, before I went on this trip, I was a bit nervous, being the youngest guy around. And since there were only three members from WOW, I did feel uncomfortable and unsure of what was to come.

Before I left for the trip, I remember Auntie Lai Wah bringing the three of us aside to pray for us. One line which struck me deeply was this: ‘Lord, even as we think we have chosen to go on this trip, it was You who selected us’. I went with a confidence that God will be with us through this trip.

This mission trip reminded me that our God is a BIG God. Saturday was the longest and most tiring day of the trip. There was a Saturday camp in the morning and village evangelism at night. As we returned from the village, I was in the last van, and everyone was waiting for us to begin dinner/supper. As I entered the church, I heard singing; the other mission trippers grouped around a table and just sang. And a specific line struck me very deeply: the seas roar at the sound of Your name.

As I ate my dinner, I reflected on the events of the day, and I was very impressed that even after a long day, we were still able to proclaim the wonder of God’s name. I began to realize that God indeed was sustaining each and every one of us during the trip. And as I went to bed that night, I kept replaying the line and I started visualizing seas and oceans roar at the mention of God’s name. This truly reminded me of how wonderful and how awesome God is.

An unfortunate incident was that this trip happened to clash with the Thais’ snake festival. This festival did indeed affect our plans, like having to move the nong hang Saturday camp to Friday. As we woke up on Friday, we realized that the weather was pretty bad. Even though I was not involved in the nong hang camp, the few of us were praying for God to hold the weather. As the other half of the team returned from the camp, they relayed their experience to us; it was really miraculous that the rain only came right after the camp ended. The way Varian said it sounded comical and drama-like, and it just set me thinking, that God’s faithfulness and sustenance really brings joy to our hearts.

As the trip came to a close, I remember having a great time in PMC with the Thai church members. They picked up a magazine for me to read to them in English, and as I flipped through it, stumbled upon a quote by Oswald: ‘we talk of the second coming; half the world has never heard of the first.’ I thought that this was a really inspirational line, and as I reflected upon it, I felt a strong desire and need to share God’s love with these people, to let them know of our wonderful Lord and Saviour.

As we returned from the trip, there was news that the church membership grew by quite a bit, in both the adults’ congregation and Sunday School. I believe God is working in Phayak, and I am truly glad and honored that he chose me to be one of his harvest workers.


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