Posted by: WOW | August 9, 2008

June 2008 Mission Trip Reflection (2)


Sharing By Daniel Ng, 16

My dad asked me a question once, “Why do you keep going for this mission trip thing?” That was really a difficult question for me, I had no idea what kept me going. I left for this mission trip with the intent of answering this question. I taught in the same school I had taught in last year and saw many of my ex-students that still recognized me, some even asked where Adeline was, because we taught them together last year. My new class of students was also equally receptive to us and they were a fun-loving bunch too. They liked the same things that all other kids like, football, sweets, stickers and taking photos. These kids are no strangers to us and they played around with us and often sat near me during events like village evangelism. What I realized was this – these kids were what kept me coming.

These kids are just like any other kids their age, there’s no reason why the Gospel should be denied to them. However, the people in Thailand are bonded to Buddhism, many are born to it and they just follow it their whole lives. These kids need to be exposed to God’s Word. This is what encourages and makes me go sign up for the mission trip each time they announce it, this is what is important to me.


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