Posted by: WOW | April 10, 2008

10 Things We Wanna Know About…

REV POH! rev poh REV POH! rev poh

4th April marked our dear Pastor’s birthday and also the day after birth of the idea of this feature article, so naturally, the 1st person to be featured here will be Rev Poh. “10 Things We Wanna Know About…” is going to be an online article that features different people from WOW each time and some info about themselves that you may not have known! =) So! If there are any interesting/burning questions that you as a reader may want to pose to anyone in WOW we’re featuring here or you want to nominate someone to be featured here, do get back to us, and we’ll consider your requests!
Dawn (editor. Exodus Newsletter)

Well then, let’s unravel what Rev Poh is like, by going behind the scenes with Jon Poh:

1. How cool is your dad?

To be exact, 37°, that should be how cool he is. =D

2. Does he sing in the shower?


3. Can he cook?

Yes!!! He cooks great chicken wings…that’s about it though.

4. French, Italian, Chinese or Japanese? What’s his favourite food?

Chinese….He loves porridge and bread.

5. Give us an incident when your dad was really goofy.

Well, he’s not in a goofy costume, I guess he’s not goofy, huh?

6. Tell us something about your dad we won’t know.

He likes weird shows like Star Trek…And he hates anything to do with Star Wars, the horror! But he has good taste for animes and COMICS.

7. What bugs your dad the most?

Drivers who cut into his lane while he drives…particularly when he’s driving me to school.

8. What do you think your dad can’t live without?

HE can’t live without air, food, water and God, I’m quite sure about that. Heh heh.

On to the real deal!

1. How naughty were you in school? (Or were you a very good child who never got into trouble?)
Happily, my memory does not serve me well on this question, however, being the class monitor in sec 1 and and then becoming monitor again in sec 3 and 4 (in another school) is a great motivation to be a good student.

2. Did you dress like a hippy in the 70s, with bell bottoms, tie-dyed shirts and floppy hair?
Alas, I was a very boring dresser. Standard dark colors; nothing that goes against the norms of the day and the dictates of the tailor, so no bell bottoms…
Floppy hair? found that irritating so longest i could ever manage was when i was in Singapore Polytechnic -Ayer Rajah campus (where the current Dover ITE is situated).. and then only 1 year.

3. ‘Fess up, do you do housework?
Not required, though the minimal sense of responsibility kicked in during army days.

4. What’s your favorite song/band?
Too many, but it’s more of songs from various bands. Some of them would be from
– Bach (Brandenberg concertos); Mozart; Strauss
– The seekers, The monkees (sorry, no beatles), Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mich and Tich (ha ha, I am sure you have never heard of that one); Beach Boys, Mamas and the Papas, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Daryl Hall and John Oates, Wilson Philips,
– Queen, Deep purple, Journey, (sorry, not air supply), Abba, Styx, Beegees, Blondie
– Aha, Backstreet boys, Eiffel 65 (blue), N’ sync
– Groove Armada, Linkin P, Daft Punk, Blue man band and TV program themes

5. French, Italian, Chinese or Japanese? (Favorite food!)
Plain Bread, Marmalade and Peanut butter… and anything that can be wrapped in bread.

6. Why be a pastor?
I became a pastor because of my desire to provide pastoral care to young people.

7. Do you fear growing old? 😉
Fear of growing old? Not when you
– are constantly face death and dying in ministry.
– just celebrated 52 yrs of existence which puts me as 2/3 of life taken.
– have younger pple calling you UNCLE.
– are able to enjoy long sought-after Marvel and DC comics in the singapore libraries

8. What was your most embarrassing experience?
Giving the wrong answer during ordination service (in front of all the CAC pastors and all 16 church delegates) IT was supposed to be a No…but I said Yes.
It was interesting feeling yourself having the shrinking feeling when everyone was laughing.

9. What’s your greatest fear?
Sorry, too many mini fears so difficult to say which is in the greatest category.

10. Do you ever get bored of/giving sermons? 😉
The stress of time is always there but no. God’s Word is always a surprise for in preparation and delivery. It’s the belief that God wants to touch hearts and He will use the pulpit to do so.


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