Posted by: WOW | November 20, 2007

Eve’s Reflection on Sermon “hmm? Can Christians smoke/drink/goclubbing/watch XXX/speak vulgarities etc”

Sermon on Sunday (11 Nov) was great.
The topic, I was really excited about, was can Christians smoke/drink/goclubbing/watch XXX/speak vulgarities etc.
And I was glad the speaker didn’t nitpick and break it down, but left it as an open ended question for us.

He covered Ephesians 5, which basically has it laid out.
I blogged about this a couple of days ago, and God has planned it so someone touched on this topic again.

To me, it was always about breaking it down. Whenever I have this unsettledness in my heart, I always ask myself WHY am I doing this? If I can’t get a good enough answer, then don’t do it.

But then I realise as humans we all convince ourselves we’re right, that there’s some grey area that gives us room for compromise. What if I convince myself somehow that it’s alright to do certain things?

Because I am human. And humans are inconsistent, flawed, impure and well not all-knowing. But yet we use ourselves and others as yardsticks, and the standards keep changing, our threshhold for evil increases.

The world’s standards will always change. What is considered unacceptable today, will be considered acceptable in time to come.

But God, is constant, pure and all-knowing. So we should use him as a yardstick, as our standard, as our guide?

So yeah, then he ended off by saying,
Instead of asking yourself does it matter, does the issue matter, ask yourself does God matter.
Because if God matters, then his standards matter to me.
And that’s basically a commitment I’ve made for myself to myself and to God.

“I can achieve success on earth, but success cannot define my worth” I Am Nothing
“Turn your eyes upon Jesus, look full in His wonderful face, and the things of the earth will grow strangely dim in the light of His glory and grace” Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus
“Break my heart for what breaks Yours” Hosanna

I hope that somehow helped some people somewhere. (: It helped me alot.

~ Eve


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