Posted by: WOW | August 15, 2007

mission trip (2) Some Frequently Asked Questions

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I consider going for the mission trip?

It’s going to be an incredible experience! Mission trip is a great way to experience significant personal and spiritual growth, and gain a new sense of appreciation for all you have. More importantly, you will play a small part in helping to reach the Issan people for Christ and to help build the church in Payakapum. Mission trip is going to be a life-changing experience!

What if I can’t afford to go for the trip?

Money should not be the deterrent to involvement in mission. Through a combination of church subsidy and fund rising activity within WOW, any student who is accepted to the team will be able to go. We are more than willing to work with each student to make it possible for him/her to participate regardless of the financial situation.

Is there a dress code?

We want to be culturally sensitive to the Issan people. NO sleeveless tops. Guys have to wear shorts or pants that fit around the waist rather than sag below the waist. During teaching sessions, no jeans, bermudas, collarless T shirts are allowed.

The bench-mark for length of shorts and skirts is knee and below.

What if I am being accepted and later change my mind about going for the trip?

The first S$250.00 is not refundable. The reason being because we do need to secure the air-ticket as early as possible. We will work with individual if such situation arises.

Do I need to know how to speak Thai?

Able to speak Thai will be a definite advantage. However, we do have interpreters around to assist the participants if they meet any situations they have difficulty expressing themselves.

Can I extend my stay in Bangkok?

Unless you are accompanied by your parents, we will not grant permission for students to extend their stay in Thailand.

Are there all work and no fun?

Mission trip is not a retreat, a break-away or a youth camp. It is a stretching experience that is geared to promote spiritual development in the life of each participant. In view of this, participant needs to be prepared for hard work and sacrificial living. However, from the past mission trip experiences, fun is almost a sure thing, but that will not be our goal. We will have lots of fun and make memories that last by preparing for the trip and serving together in the mission field. We will also plan a day of R&R (rest & relax) on the last day of the trip.

How will I know if I am accepted on the team?

Students will be notified before the first training session on 13 Oct.

What will a typical day be like in Payakapum?

Without going into specific details, participants are expected to wake up as early as 6am. There will be a morning devotion followed by breakfast, After that will be teaching in school till lunch time. Most likely we will spend the early afternoon to prepare for the evening village evangelism or helping out in the medical mission. Evenings will include dinner, village evangelism, and night devotion and debrief. Generally we will not sleep till after 11pm.

Do I need any extra money for the trip?

There are not many things you want to buy in Payakapum. However, you may want to have some pocket money to buy ice-cream and sweets. All meals are provided except the last day. If you do not plan to buy a lot of stuff on the last day in Bangkok, S$50.00 should be sufficient for the trip.

Is there anything I need to do medically?

The following vaccinations are not compulsory but are recommended.

1. Influenza 07/08 NH – highly recommended

2. Typhoid – good to have

3. Hepatitis A – good to have

If you have further questions on mission trip, please contact Dancia –


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