Posted by: WOW | July 16, 2007

Mag’s testimony

I decided to join the mission trip to Phayakupum this time around because I believe that God will show me what He wants me to see when I am there. I had been thinking of going for a mission trip in the last few months. I also thought that this will be an approriate time for me to go for a mission trip as I may not have the time to do so when I start school in August. However, as this is my first mission trip, I was not certain if I should as I struggled with some doubts and apprehension. After reading the bible, I was convinced and decided to go for the mission trip.During the mission trip, I taught at the village school. I assisted Dancia and we spent three days teaching the primary three children simple English phrases through songs and craft. We also went to the village to evangelize in the evening. Intially, it took me some time to get used to the schedual. There were times when I lost focus and felt tired. Eventually I realise that a mission trip is different from a church camp or retreat. My mindset was not tune to the right frequency. I saw the need to rely on God when we are tired and to know that we are doing God’s work.

I really enjoy teaching the children and it was such a joy to see their smiles whenever we walk into the classroom each morning. I am encouraged that despite the conditions that they may have to live with, such as broken chairs and limited resources, they are nonetheless still so happy with what they have. They have also taught me to care for others despite my own circumstances.  Although they are generally happy and contented, they are not without their struggles too. They make me realise that they need our God too.


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