Posted by: WOW | July 16, 2007

Luke’s testimony

Why I Went

My biggest reason for signing up for the mission trip was in the several prayer walks I went through in Sec 1. I felt that God was telling me to reach out and help people. So after the December mission trip in ’06, I thought of going for the next one. I had initially wanted to wait until a week or two before the mission trip, before I decided whether I wanted to go or not. Reason being, I wanted to see how much I wanted to play my computer before going. But because of the mission trip training, I had to make my decision long before the actual trip. By God’s grace, I was completely free of addiction nearing the closing date of the sign up. So now all I needed was someone else to come for the mission trip with me – Daniel.
What I Did

There were 2 main things I did during the mission trip – teach and VE (Village Evangelism).
I taught a class of 26 Primary 4 kids with Yvonne at the Village School. The first day we entered the classroom, the children burst out in random fits of laughter, screaming at each other in Thai. Then Yvonne introduced u,s and the class fell silent. The most obnoxious of them turned into the most attentive during lessons. Even with the language barrier, we were still able to carry out our classes and teach them some simple English.
There were 3 VE’s – the LWMC’s VE, our church’s VE, and the combined VE. For our VE, I was in the magic team, the “action song” team, and the skit. My magic trick was pretty easy, but my real challenge was the action song, since it was actually a dance. It required me to move my arms and legs at the same time, which was then nearly impossible to me. But on the day of the VE itself, I somehow managed to learn the dance a few hours before the performance. The skit was canceled in both our VE and the combined VE due to a lack of time. One man and three women received Christ after the pastor’s sermon. Even though the people have their own religion, they were still willing to listen to a man talk about his own God. The pastor told us that many of the Thai people only claim that they are Buddhists because of their tradition, and don’t really believe in it.
Experiences That Impacted Me

There was no single gesture or experience that really left an impression on me, but rather the people’s attitude towards their work and religion.

In school, the children were so eager to learn new things and were so content with the little we gave them.

But most of all, the church members’ commitment to the church impacted me the most. In a country where every single person you meet is either Buddhist or Muslim, it takes extraordinary amounts of courage to go to church, profess your religion, or even face your family. The members and leaders of the Payakapum church have the passion and desire to spread the word of God, but don’t have the means or resources. Here in Singapore, we don’t even have the courage to share our faith with our friends or the will to grow closer to God. This probably impacted me the most because before the mission trip, I used to think that I’d stop going to church and throw away my faith as soon as my parents stopped bringing me to church.



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