Posted by: WOW | July 16, 2007

Daniel’s testimony

June is not exactly the most relaxed month for me, but I felt that going for this trip would somehow help me feel calmer about what was happening around me. God works in ways I cannot comprehend, so I entrusted this time into his hands. And indeed I was blessed with an enriching experience as well as learning a few lessons along the way.Having your mother or any family members in that case, follow you on a mission trip is not exactly the most pleasant of experiences. Trust me, I have experienced it twice.

From expressions of displeasure to “words of wisdom”, my mother was never far away to give comments on what I was doing. Thankfully, God has blessed me with patience on this trip. I myself was surprised by it, because patience is not normally one of my virtues. I guess in life one has to learn how to give and take, God has re-emphasized that for me on this trip.

This trip, there was a far lesser group compared to December, mainly consisting of old timers. Really old timers. This meant that I had to do much lifting and carrying, being one of the only seven males below 50 on the trip. Endurance and patience were important and thankfully God blessed me with these virtues.

Sometimes miscommunication causes unhappiness among comrades and this happened a few times in the earlier half of the trip. At Korat, there were problems logistically and most of us just wandered around buying our own stuff. However, Jeremy realized that something was not right and went to ask what was happening. This was when I realized that being Logistics IC was not an easy job. After much running around and carrying water, we were finally done and had overshot our time by around one hour. Jeremy and I also realized that the other logistics IC had bought around 20 packets of Milo and coffee each. This translates to around 600 cups of coffee and Milo each. That seemed to us like overbuying. However, he argued that people had to stay up late for trips like this and thus coffee was essential. This was also when I realized that sometimes different people have different ideas.

A person I really learnt to respect was Uncle KK. I realized that in every argument or miscommunication, he is always caught in the middle of it. However, he was always calm and smiling, never worried or looking stressed. He must have a lot of mental strength to be able to withstand such heavy responsibilities, for that he has earned my respect.

Another person who has renewed my respect for him is Reverend Phraset. He is always smiling and is full of passion for God. I can feel his hope of bringing Christ to Thailand emanating from him every time he talks about missions in Thailand. It really is an uphill task, but I feel that with people who have his spirit, it is certainly possible.

Physical tasks aside, I feel that the commitment of the church members like Ae and Liew is very encouraging. They wake up early in the morning just to ensure that we are comfortable and everything is well for us. If only half of the world’s Christians have their spirit, Christianity would already be a world religion. Their examples have reminded me that we should give our all to serve God and to glorify his name.

Each trip is a new experience, hopefully I would be able to go for the trip in December as well.


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