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WOW CAMP! 7-11 Dec 2009

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Youth Sunday

from worship to art installation

from worship to art installation

Photograph by Justin Kon.

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Awesome Race 7 June 09

awesome race1

more photos click this link

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Earthwired 2009: A CAC youth event

Those who went had a great and awesome time with youths from other CAC churches!


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Jesus in the wilderness

(illustrations by a British illustrator named Simon Smith, and put to an Explosions In The Sky song.)

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Trinity-How Can God Be One and Three?

Sermon Reflection:-

God the father, the son and the holy spirit – the Holy Trinity.

It’s one of the terms we have heard and use so often that it has become a jargon. But do we really know what it means? Can we explain it in layman terms? And if we can, would the other fella be able to understand it? But more importantly, how is such knowledge applicable?

Jose Philip explored it with WOW on last Sunday and it’s been uploaded it on the sermon download. Definitely worth your 20 minutes!! 🙂

~ Melisa Loh, 21

oringinally uploaded by JohnnyBaker

picture by JohnnyBaker

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This Sunday 22 Feb 2009


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Valentine’s Week


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Senior Youth Retreat 08

To download: Right click on Topic and ‘Save Target as’

WOW Senior Youth Retreat – Dec08.  Sermon Download – Speaker:Jose Phillip
1 Matthew 10-12 – Resting in God and Taking up His Yoke
2 John 15 – The Believer’s relation to Jesus, Fellow Believers, the world, Holy Spirit
3 Colossians 2 & 3 – Living our lives as Living or Dead

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